06.30.13 JB College Prep Show

Win the college admissions game. The John Baylor College Prep Show arms families and schools so they can create more college graduates affordably. Watch this week’s show and previous shows right here on JohnBaylorCollegePrepShow.com.
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06.23.13 JB College Prep Show

1.  College can be the key to turning your passion into profit.
2.  The student attributes colleges want most.
3.  A student who overcame the odds. How she did it.
4.  One mistake to avoid, according to one high school counselor.
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06.16.13 JB College Prep Show

Segment 1: Don’t wait to be great. Youth is the time to master an extra-curricular– for college scholarships and so many more reasons.
Segment 2: Maximize College: the strategy checklist for making college more meaningful.

Segment 3: Maximizing College, Part… Read More

06.09.13 JB College Prep Show

Segment 1:  The 3 reasons that too often keep college-ready students from getting a degree.
Segment 2:  Strategies to overcome these obstacles to a college degree.
Segment 3:  The sports with the most promising scholarship prospects. Rick Paine, ACCRecruits.com joins… Read More

06.02.13 JB College Prep Show

Segment 1. Colleges need you- not the other way around.
Segment 2. What all those college mailings really mean.
Segment 3. Five strategies to maximize your college experience.
Segment 4. First-hand advice for getting into a better college at a lower cost. Nathan Walter,… Read More